About Placerville Brewing Company


Placerville Brewing Company was established in the summer of 2005. Nestled in the county seat of California’s, El Dorado (Spanish for “the golden one”) County, we are within a gold nugget’s throw of the original California gold discovery site in Coloma. CA, where the news of “gold in them thar the hills,”  was heard around the World.

We respect and honor the heritage of the 49er gold miner’s spirit with our endeavor to take chances, endeavor to be the best we can and to never settle for less. We inherited a rich tradition of brewing in Placerville which includes The Mountain Brewery (early through mid-1800s) and Ziess Brewery (mid-1800s to Prohibition). Our décor features historical items (an old wooden beer cask, beer shipping crates, photos) from these and other local breweries.


The Placerville Brewing Company staff is, we think, the best group of food services folks in all of California (yes that’s a big brag, but then again, we have a Texan as one of the owners). The ladies serving our tables have the greatest smiles and warmest attitudes, we’re sure you will feel welcome and that you will just have to come back again. The food coming from our kitchen is a price perfect mixture of our famous, great tasting local favorites, some Texas BBQ and our daily specials with a chef inspired epicurean flare. Oh, and don’t leave before you have one of our great deserts.

Steve Meylor

Co-owner and Brewmaster, Steve Meylor, runs the Placerville Brewing Company’s brewing operation. Steve was hooked on craft-brewing 15 years ago when he earned a Gold Medal at the El Dorado County Fair for his first ever entry. Since then, he has brewed over 1000's of batches of beer, more than 225+ types of those commercially. He has longstanding relationships with the highest quality grain suppliers and locally owned hops suppliers that insure freshest quality, consistent beer, and his innovative “brew-pub only” beers never disappoint.  Steve's flare for the perfect ale is, at least our opinion, why Placerville Brewing Company is the fastest growing microbrewery in Northern California.  His Strong Blonde Ale and Stout Ale are "PBC Signature" to say the least, but then again, he has 8 other beer taps that flow with flavors, that both "regulars" and those that are "limited seasonal."  Each of these delecatable handcrafted ales are personal and really, only describable by you tasting them personally.


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